I'm not gonna lie...

Saturday, December 02, 2006

I went to the banquet??

Tonight was the BHT winter Banquet. For some reason i was really excited about getting all dressed up and hanging out with my friends... however, i couldn't go because i had the musical revue... which was fun By the way. I had to watch all my friends get all dressed up and do their hair and makeup. Well i helped with some of that, but then i was off to the show.

I came back from the show and saw everyone dressed up... i was sad. But lucky for me i still had my stage makeup on and my hair was sort of done. So i just threw on my little black dress and we took pictures. So if anyone asks i was actually there. SHHH....

Thursday, November 30, 2006


Kelsi and I decided that if we were to make Christmas cards then these would be the pictures on them... But since we don't have time to sit down and make hundreds of Christmas cards with our faces on them my blog would have to do... so enjoy!!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

some pics...

Here are some pictures from when Mom and Dad were here for family weekend....

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Where's Meeko?

Last night at about 12:01 we decided to go for a little adventure with our room mascot Meeko.

Here are some pictures of the fun with meeko....

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

short and stubby?

i was walking back to my room tonight after class and i was walking pretty quickly, at least i thought i was....i was meeting kelsi for dinner. People just kept passing me... i was like "i am walking as fast as i can"
It was then that i realized that my short little German legs are nothing compared to all of the tall skinny dutch people!!
I never thought that i was short... until i got here and everyone is towering over me, and using their long legs to run marathons past me... it is really depressing...
So i gave up and let them pass me not thinking anything about it... wait... i did think about it. I am mad that they don't care about my short stubby legs!!! I can't help it. They need to be considerate of us non-dutch people.... seriously!
ok I am done ranting now....

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Meet my Friends

I want you all to meet my Friends That i have made....
I took pictures of them and decided to tell you a little bit about them.

Meet “Zee”
He is a Goldfish.
Zee lives by the window.
He likes to swim.
Zee likes looking out of his bowl.
His favorite food is Goldfish Crisps.
His Best Friends are Frieda, Gwendolyn, Kelsi, and Abbey

Meet “Frieda”
Frieda is Ivy.
She loves basking in the sun.
Her favorite drink is lukewarm water.
Her Very best friend is Gwendolyn.
But she also thinks that Zee is pretty sexy.

Meet Gwendolyn
She is a Tropical Plant.
Gwendolyn enjoys sitting around all day.
She prefers warmer water, but she won’t say “no” to lukewarm water.
Gwendolyn’s best friend is Zee, who she secretly has a crush on.
SHHHH… don’t tell him.

Well i hope you enjoyed meeting my friends.
Maybe one day you will come and meet them in person.
They are very fun to get to know.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Organized fun: Is it really Fun?

I believe that if you are reading this then you know my feelings on the subject of organized fun, so frankly I don't want to get all hot and bothered by explaining my feelings on the subject.

(and to all of you who are wondering yes I did just say "hot and bothered")

All these pictures are from the "organized not-so-fun" time. We went to Reed's lake on our "outing". We played football, the human knot, and the human pyramid. Good times right??